PORT: Personal Overhead Rapid Transit - Schwebebahn für individuelle Nutzung


Note: C: Normal Trip; T: Trip to Customer; S: System Trip; U: Drive Up; D: Drive Down


Route 10200 Meter
Separation of the double-stops 50 Meter
Number of vehicles 100
Number of trips per hour 720


Medium Speed with embark and disembark 46 km/h
Average Delay 7 Seconds
Delays less than 15 seconds 27%
Delays between 15 and 30 seconds 11%
Delays between 30 and 45 seconds 2%

Comparison of transport systems (route: Seeheim-Jugenheim -> Darmstadt center)

Means of Transport Medium Speed Duration
PORT 46 km/h 17 Min
Car 32 km/h 25 Min
Tram 26 km/h 30 Min

The simulation shows that double-stops to deliver the best results. If both stations are busy, the vehicle is free to the nearest bus stop or free parking. This bus stop is always a free and boarding is also possible, if just a passenger boarding or leaving, or a vehicle is reserved.